In Chattanooga, Tennessee, we pride ourselves on the many advancements that our former leaders and members have achieved since our beginnings. The city of Chattannooga has seen expodential change and advancement towards people of color over the decades, but there is still much to be done, and much to accomplish. 

Recently our country has again been in the spotlight as the eyes of the world have laid witness on how the display of certain Confederate Memorial symbols are displayed throughout the country in public squares, cemeteries, and government buildings alike. In Chattanooga, we too are reminded of symbols of hate like our own Confederate statue located at the county courthouse in downtown Chattanooga. Recently our mayor, Andy Berke has even initiated political decisions like removing the city from deed ownership of the Confederate cemetery. Although we embrace these acts as acts of progress in promoting peace throughout the city and not hate, symbols such as the Confederate statue at the county courthouse still remain in poor taste as it is a reminder to all that at one time the hatred of color people was the law of the land. 

Join the NAACP in our efforts to create historical compromise, while still having these symbols of hate and celebration removed from their positions of honor and remembrance. The following link is provided in order for you to add your name to a local petition for the removal of this statue, and possibly other symbols throughout our community that prominently display monuments that encourage and remember a time of hate in our community. 
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