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NAACP of Chattanooga
     On April 8th, 1940, the National Office of the NAACP issued our charter as the Chattanooga, Tennessee branch of the NAACP. Since that day, through the leadership of our many great leaders like James Mapp, George Key, Hannah Martin, Eddie Holmes, C.B Robinson, Joe Rowe, Valoria Armstrong and others, the Chattanooga branch of the NAACP has helped advance the progress and social advancement of minority citizens throughout our city. Today, 77 years later we continue with pride to address the advancement of minorities by collaborating and implementing plans to reverse economic inequity, miniority business development, social issues and injustices, and the empowerment of minorities in Chattanooga, TN. 

     Under the leadership of our current president Dr. Elenora Woods,
the Chattanooga branch of the NAACP tenaciously moves forward by giving voice to the voiceless. Welcome to our site, and please consider supporting our branch with your priceless volunteerism and financial support. Check back frequently, as our calendar of events are constantly changing in an effort to keep pace with the progress in our fight for equality.